Sun Wheel’s the center point of Asia park in Da Nang city, invested by Sungroup Group. It’s 115 meters tall, making it one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world.

LK’s scope is Design – Supply – Install – Program the lighting of the building, changing the light at night and beautifully illuminated by LED lights, adding color to the city’s skyline this attraction.

To light up the Sun Wheel and give a new twist in the bustling city, help keep the city nightlife colorful and trendy. We use the OSRAM Lighting Solution provided by installing a custom solution, powered by e:cue Butler Pro, e:cue Butler S2 and e:cue Light Control Engine 2 FX and SYMPHOLIGHT, a Key products add flexibility in content creation, video mapping, and regular content updates.

With many successful D&B and EPC lighting projects, we fully believe that LK will smoothly complete this project as committed to quality, progress as well as investor’s expectations.