Located in the heart of District 2, Mia Resort Saigon with luxurious design inspired by elegant Indochinese architecture, airy space overlooking the gentle Saigon River and high-class service.

Inside the hotel, the lighting solution system is carefully arranged and installed under the talented hands of LK – Technology technical team. At the same time, for the purpose of promoting the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, smart lighting solutions are also used by LK.

In order to highlight the luxurious and cozy space design, the LK team selected lighting solutions from chandeliers and table lamps to create a very classic scene but still imbued with Indochinese identity.

Thanks to the unique lighting architecture, each light strip is woven to create eye-catching lighting effects that serve to function and enhance the design of the surrounding space. With the modern contemporary language blended smoothly with the “old” architectural style, it has created a new Mia Resort Saigon, bringing unforgettable impressions to anyone who has ever experienced the space. this place.