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Inspired by the traditional “bundle of bamboo”, Landmark 81 building – the tallest building in Vietnam up to the present time has been considered a symbol of the solidarity and strength of the Vietnamese people for thousands of years. The building is shaped like a towering blue sky, symbolising a new era full of development potential for the country. At night, Landmark 81 becomes beautiful and shimmering in the night thanks to the “suit” of thousands of artistic LED lights.

Landmark 81 is 461m high with 81 floors, is the tallest building in Vietnam, the tallest in Southeast Asia and one of the tallest buildings in the world today. Not only about the height, but Landmark 81 also looks very beautiful at night thanks to the colourful “suit” from the base of the tower to the top of the high tower. In this project, the engineering team of LK Technology created a system of thousands of LEDs surrounding Landmark 81. This is also one of the most elaborate installation stages, requiring the construction unit to make the main drawing. accurate to each millimetre and coordinate very smoothly with construction teams of other items of the building.

"Bộ áo” đèn LED bao quanh tòa nhà có thể đổi màu.

Moreover, the lighting system from the 22nd floor and above is capable of artistic colour-changing lighting with the most advanced video mapping effects (technology using light to create images). It can display national flag effects or other photos in high resolution, with the best visibility at a distance of 1km or more.

To master the operation of thousands of above-mentioned bulbs is the German DMX control system. “Currently, the control system we use is one of the most advanced and reliable in the world for the video mapping standard. It has the advantage of being easy to connect, expandable through the control system of the smart city to integrate and illuminate the whole city ”.  In addition, the system is also integrated with a control function via the internet and supports a high-speed 4G connection with security capabilities. Thanks to that, the administrator can monitor the system remotely and perform tasks to turn on and off the lights or show art.

The whole system has been implemented by this company in 6 months with many different types of lights, including 17km of linear LED lights (LED Linear) for the base and the building body. In particular, the most crucial highlight is 2,427 10W colour-changing LED dot lights (LED Dot) installed from the 22nd floor up to the 81st floor, which can display video effects. At the top of the building is a 10-storey Spire tower lit by 484 sets of 52W narrow-angle floodlights with colour-changing effects, which will create a magical look on cloudy days. All these lights are imported from Osram (Traxon) of Germany.

With such an awesome artistic lighting system, the installation is not easy. The engineering team of LK Technology faced many difficulties because this is a record-high building up to 461m, and when installing the lights, they had to use the longest suspended floor system in Vietnam. The weather at the beginning of the rainy season also causes a lot of difficulties in the time of installing the drains. During the installation process, the site faces many problems, so it is necessary to have smooth coordination with other contractors, especially when it is in the sprint stage and the project needs to be completed on schedule.

Despite many difficulties, in the end, after exactly 6 months of installing and testing the system, the “suit” of shimmering LED lights was officially “dressed” on the tallest Landmark 81 building. Vietnam.