At 6:00 pm on July 22, 2022, in a beautiful sunset after the summer rain, the statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui was brightly illuminated and printed on the bed of Tri An Lake. A remarkable feat of God through the hands of people and hearts. The lighting system of the statue of Our Lady has been completed by the talented hands of the LK – Technology team. Let’s learn more about the project through the following article!

I. Introduction to the statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui Center.

Our Lady of Nui Cui Pilgrimage Center is a Catholic pilgrimage site belonging to Xuan Loc Diocese, located in Gia Tan 1 commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. This place is considered the largest pilgrimage centre in Vietnam, with a square that can accommodate over 100,000 people, not to mention the areas in this population. Zooming in from Highway 20 to the West, more than ten kilometres from the Pilgrimage Center of Our Lady of Cui Nui Nui, you can still clearly see the majestic statue of the Immaculate Conception on the high hill. Mother bends down to watch her children go up and down the stream of life. Behind is the vast Tri An Lake with four seasons, the water surface is calm and clear, creating a strangely cool and fresh climate.

According to the geographical map, the statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui is almost located in the middle of the Diocese, with three catechetical regions because people from the Northern Dioceses immigrated to Dong Nai in 1954: Ho Nai area, Gia Kiem and Phuong Lam, formed Xuan Loc with an increasing number of believers, and moral activities also developed, zealously and abundantly.

II. The statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui Center with leading unique lighting solutions.

Coming to The statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui Center, visitors will surely be surprised by the perfect beauty of the work when night falls. To create a highlight for the overall project, it is impossible to ignore the lighting system of The statue of Our Lady of Cui Nui Center, which is undertaken by LK – Technology team as a consultant, supplier and installer, ensuring standards GREEN standard – light for religious works.

1. GREEN standard – religious building lighting

  • No light pollution
  • Does not cause glare or interfere with the ability to focus on the main content
  • Do not reduce the beauty of the church architecture, even reveal the bad points of the construction or overshadow the architectural details.
  • Does not affect the ecosystems and wildlife around the building or affect the behavior of mammals, birds, insects and fish.
  • No waste of energy, investment costs, contributing to global warming by increasing emissions

2. Install detailed system lighting for the whole project

GERMANY IMAGE Illumination

  • Standard lux lighting on the statue 200lux – 300lux
  • Evenly illuminating the statue,


  • Lighting the base creates a sense of solidity for the statue.
  • Illuminate the path leading up to the Mother Statue

Illumination of the SQUARE AREA

  • Main entrance lighting.
  • Lighting the square.
  • Lighting the landscape, trees
  • Illuminate the window panes.

With the investment not only in the scale of the project but also in the system of modern and novel lighting solutions. Our Lady of Nui Cui Center promises to become the largest pilgrimage tourist destination in Vietnam, a gathering place for God’s people.

III. About LK – Technology

Long Khang Technology Co., Ltd (LK Technology) was established in 2013. We are a leading supplier of Lighting solutions, electrical equipment, building management systems and smart cities in Indochina.

LK Technology’s mission and unlimited inspiration are aiming for the perfect balance among subtle aesthetics, high-tech engineering and loT-driven smart connection.

Technology is constantly making comprehensive improvements to be consistent with our long-term commitment. In fact, we always dedicate ourselves to bringing our clients the best solutions which are cost-effective & customized.

LK Technology has become the official partner with the world’s leading brands in lighting and loT solutions such as iGuzzini, Osram, Intel, and Advantech… for years.

LK Technology has had extraordinary achievements in the development process thanks to a team of skilful and enthusiastic employees, especially the unlimited creativity that has been and continues to conquer all challenges to always provide our customers with superior services beyond their expectations.