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Customer Service

Customer Service

Calling the hotline number, the company’s staff will advise and support customers with all information about products and services.

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Transportation Policy 

Transportation Policy

Normally, after receiving the order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and give back information to the customer about the payment and delivery.

Delivery time is usually between 3-5 days from the date of closing the order or as agreed with the customer when placing the order. However, there are also cases where the delivery takes longer but only occurs in force majeure situations as follows:

– Company staff will contact the customer by phone not so they cannot deliver.

– The shipping address you provided is incorrect or difficult to find.

– The number of orders of the company surged, causing slow order processing. – The partner supplying the company with raw materials slower than expected, causing delay in the delivery or the delayed delivery partner only transporting the distribution to the agent or customer with great, long-term demand. So the company will mostly support shipping costs as a way of taking care of its agent. For retail customers, if there is a large demand, please contact directly to negotiate the contract as well as the shipping fee.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

The Company mainly uses the following 2 payment methods:

– Pay directly in cash at the company address or the consignee’s address.

– Payment by bank transfer:

Details of the account number are as follows:

• Note: The content of transfer must specify full name or company name and transfer to which order. After the transfer, we will contact to confirm and proceed with delivery. If after the agreed time, we do not deliver or respond, you can submit a complaint directly to the company and claim compensation if the delay is proving to affect your business. guest.

For customers wishing to buy large quantities for business or wholesale please contact us directly for a reasonable price policy. And the payment will be made according to the contract. We are committed to transparent business, legal, quality sales, with clear origins.

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Return Cases

Return cases:

– The product is faulty due to the manufacturer, cannot function.

– Goods damaged due to shipping to customers of the company

– Delivery is not the correct model or type that the customer ordered

– Delivery is missing

If you find the above cases, please do not receive the goods and ask our forwarding staff to confirm the status of the goods on the spot and request a return. Otherwise, customers must immediately report the faulty goods to us within 24 hours of receiving the goods for support in renewal, after 24 hours we will not assist in solving because by default, customers have agreed with products are delivered.

General terms and conditions for exchange and payment:

– “One for one” for products sold within 07 days if there is a problem.

– There are full stamps, invoices, no scratches, distortion, external damage, broken ..

– The time to change goods does not exceed 3 days from the date of receipt of the goods (based on the purchase invoice or the receipt of the delivery party).

– There are full supporting documents such as receipts, invoices, delivery notes, warranty cards, catalouge …

However, for some products we will not apply the same return conditions as above, in the sales consultation process, we will advise specifically on the deadline as well as the form of return for each product. for customers to refer to when they need to buy that product.

Refund fee: the refund fee will be fully paid by the company if the fault is on the company.

Refund method: The product will be renewed for the customer, in the event that there are no products in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fee that the customer has paid to us through methods such as Cash at the company or transfer to customers

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Warranty provisions

– The product is warranted for free if it is still within the warranty period from the date of delivery.

– The warranty period is stated on the Warranty Card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical problems of the product.

– There is a warranty card and valid warranty stamp of the company or the manufacturer on the product.

The cases are not covered

– The product has expired warranty on the ticket or lost the Warranty Card.

– The warranty seal stamp is torn, broken, pasted or modified, erased.

– Warranty card does not specify Serial number and date of purchase.

The product shows signs of damage caused by rat or insect infiltration.

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Privacy Pocity

a) Purpose and scope of collection does not sell, share or exchange customer personal information collected on the site to any other third party.

Collected personal information will be used only within the company.

When you contact to register for the service, the personal information that collects includes:

First and last name:




In addition to personal information is information about the service

Product’s name:


Product delivery time:

b) Scope of information use

Collected personal information will only be used by within the company and for one or all of the following purposes:

– Customer support

– Provide information related to the service

– Process your orders and provide services and information via our website at your request

– We may send information about new products, services, information about upcoming events or recruitment information if you subscribe to receive email notifications.

– In addition, we will use the information you provide to assist with customer account management; confirm and execute financial transactions related to your online payments.

c) Time of information storage;

For personal information, only deletes this data if the customer requests it, the customer requests to send an email to

d) Persons or organizations that may have access to that information

Subjects of access to personal information of customers fall in one of the following cases:

– Employees of the company

– The partners signed a contract to perform a part of the Company’s services. These partners will receive information under the contract agreement (maybe part or all of the information under the terms of the contract) to assist users in using the services provided by the Company.

dd) Address of the unit collecting and managing information, including the communication method for consumers to inquire about the collection and processing of information related to themselves;

Address of information collection and management unit:

– Head office: No. 24, Street 68, Quarter 1 – Thanh My Loi Ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 02822534101


e) Methods and tools for consumers to access and correct their personal data on the e-commerce system of the information gathering unit. does not collect customer information through the website, personal information is collected via email to order products and services to our mail box: info @ lk- or contact phone number to order products call 02822534101

You can contact the email address and phone number above to ask to correct your personal data.

f) Mechanism for receiving and resolving consumer complaints related to personal information being used for the wrong purpose or scope announced.

At, the protection of your personal information is very important, you are assured that the information provided to us will be committed by not to share, sell or rent information. Private message to anyone else. commits to only use your information in the following cases:

– Improving service quality for customers

– Settlement of disputes and complaints

– When required by law. understands that your rights in the protection of personal information are also our responsibility, so in any case of any questions or comments related to Lightingdepot’s privacy policy. vn, and regarding the use of personal information for the wrong purpose or scope of notice, please contact hotline 02822534101 or email:

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